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OEM Auto
Parts Wholesale

With a complete supply chain solution.

Focus On Quality

With a complete supply chain solution.

OE Specification Auto Parts

Car Lights
Steering Wheel
Car Lights
Steering Wheel


Our factory

You may get the necessary car parts and services right away thanks to a productive workforce, an ideal production line, and up-to-date manufacturing machinery such as milling, grinding, electrical discharge, and injection molding machines.
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Focus On Quality

OE Auto Parts

We produce OE vehicle parts with extreme accuracy and abide by all original manufacturer specs. This guarantees that you will receive parts that correctly fit and function.
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Factory Details

Precision Parts Manufacturing

Our factory supports high precision technology and machine synchronization for injection molding.

Special Model Parts

We can help you find especially hard-to-find parts. Our factory supports custom parts service if required.

Discontinued Classic Cars

For discontinued classic cars, we can provide customized auto parts service. We have a professional design team to customize models for you and mass-produce parts.
Auto parts customization

Our Core Competence

Brake has established the benchmark for replacement parts in terms of quality. 

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Having Troubles in Auto Parts Sourcing?

Brake has access to a huge variety of auto parts and substantial manufacturing capabilities. You are welcome to ask us for any difficult-to-find or unique vehicle parts, and we will provide what you require at an affordable price.